Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Unboxing and Quick Review

We have a new unboxing and we paid $583 MXN of taxaes. In case you were interested in that. Now we're gonna unbox this. And as you see, this box came damaged
It is Redmi and not only Note 3 (for other xiaomi smartphone like redmi 4 or mi 5 you can see the specification of that phone on smartphonerankings.com. So, it is not a flagship. I mean, compared with the normal Note 3. It has a very interesting price and great specs for this price. let's turn it on meanwhile let's see what's more in the box. It is turning on, and meanwhile here we will found some quick guides

This model comes only in English and Chinese. If you want to change it to Spanish if could be hard. Here we have its key for extraction of the SIM card, let's put this it its place. What more is in the box? Here is the cable. Obviously USB, USB - microUSB cable to charge and transfer data, it is long enough, it is not too short as other mid/low-end devices that comes with a very short cable. And finally here we have the charger. That comes with 5V and 2A. Normal charging, a little bit fast but it's not the "official" fast charging. As you see it is turned on already. And It welcome us. And for my surprise, it has Spanish. I tought I came only with Chinese and English. But in this case it says Spanish, so, let's tap next. Let's skip the WiFi. as you see, everything is different to pure Android. because MIUI is so intrusive, it change all the look and feel and also some features of pure Android as you see, it asks us to add our fingerprint because here on the back it has a fingerprintscanner, so let's remove this plastic, let's remove it quickly, and also the screen one

Now let's add our fingerprint let's place the finger on the sensor that's on the back so, we placed there and we are placing and releasing the finger in order to register it. It shows the progress. It is ready, let's tap Done. It asks us for another unlock method. let's set 1234 as pin and it's done
Next. And we have the system ready. In this case I think it comes lightly modified by the store because of this Browser, as you see, this is not the default browser of Xiaomi and in this case, it cannot be unninstalled so I think it is modified by the store but fourtunately it has no bloatware and it doesn't have the old YouTube app that comes with other models of those stores so, there you have it as you see it has a metal body fingerprint, camera, dual flash, It has a good design and in general is good. So, if you want to know more about it. Stand in this  channel to watch the complete review and see every feature of it. I hope you enjoyed this video and see you in the next one.